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Kit 1
Dimensions: 12x10x7
Kit 2
Dimensions: 8x8x8
Kit 3
Dimensions: 15x11x8
Dimensions: 19x9x7
Kit 6
Dimensions: 20x15x9
Kit 7
Dimensions: 19x14x13
Kit 8A
Dimensions: 26x21x11
Kit 8B
Dimensions: 30x16x10
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Dimension 1

Terms of "Use My Own Box"
  • Have a Reptile Express Box on hand and want $10 off via no packing instructions? Select the picture of the RE box that you have above. Then on "Step 2", select to "Opt-Out" of instructions.

  • "Use My Own Box" Rates are automatically discounted by $10 as NO packing instructions OR weather alerts will be provided
  • Round up dimensions to avoid extra charges by the carrier. Any extra charges will be charged to your credit card on file
  • Mark the exterior of the box "LIVE HARMLESS REPTILES/ANIMALS"
  • Not eligible for our Rewards program
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